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OLA Best Bets Committee

This committee is comprised of Librarians and Library Technicians who are OLA members, work in public libraries and are committed to children's and young adult services and eager to evaluate and promote Canadian books. We are a long standing committee with a strong voice in promoting Canadian literature for children and young adults. Our goals include highlighting excellence in the current publishing year for the OLA membership, bolstering the Canadian publishing industry, developing recognition for Canadian authors and Canadian books, and providing teachers, teacher-librarians, librarians and other interested parties with a meaningful list to assist in collection development and readers’ advisory. 

Meetings are held a minimum of four times a year.  Members discuss and evaluate recent publications by Canadian authors and illustrators. The books evaluated are suitable for children and young adults from birth to nineteen years old. From these discussions, the Committee produces "Best Bets" lists, annual annotated lists of recommended titles. These lists are released each year at the OLA Super Conference. 

The Best Bets Committee is a wonderful opportunity to evaluate new Canadian books, network with colleagues and be an active participant in OLA.

OLA Best Bets Committee Best Bets Terms of Reference

 Best Bets Annual Selections


The OLA's annual Best Bets evolved from a list put out by the Canadian Materials Committee of the Children's Services Guild. A second annual list highlighting materials for young adults was added in 2006.

The OLA's Best Bets Committee selects books on the basis of their literary/artistic merit as well as their appeal for children and young adults. Text and illustrations are of equal importance in picture books and information books. These lists are made available in PDF format. 

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OLA Best Bets Committee Members:

Kara Miley
Toronto Public Library
Co chair
  Theresa Power
Centre for Equitable Library Access
Co Chair
Serena McGovern
Barrie Public Library

  Frances Hanemaayer
Burlington Public Library
Katie Vlanich
Windsor Public Library

  Samantha Dillane
Caledon Public Library

Kate Morrison
Hamilton Public Library
Jennie Fallis
Mississauga Public Library

Corina Surcel
Vaughan Public Library

  Meghan Tinmouth
Hamilton Public Library 

Emily Bingham
Mississauga Public Library

Melissa Macks
Ontario Library Association - Staff Lead

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