OSLA Council

Nominations for council positions take place in late September each year, and the election of council members occurs in November. Newly-elected council members assume their office on January 1st. The term of office spans the calendar year, from January to December. Following the expiration of their term of office, executive members of council still have duties to perform at the Annual General Meeting of the OSLA, which takes place in February during the Super Conference.

Kelly Maggirias

OSLA President 2018

York Region District School Board

Jennifer Brown

OSLA Vice-President/President Elect 2018
Teacher Librarian
Castle Oaks Public School
Peel District School Board


Kate Johnson-McGregor

OSLA Past President 2018
Grand Erie District School Board
Darren Pamayah
Councillor - Mid - Central Region 2016-2018
York Region District School Board

Jennifer Cooke

Councillor - Central East Region 2017-2019
Library Technician
PVNC Catholic District School Board

Cynthia Gozzard

Councillor - Central West Region 2018-2020
Itinerant Teacher Ed Tech Elementary
Grand Erie District School Board

Maureen McGrath

Councillor - Eastern Region 2016-2018
Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

Johanna Lawler

Councillor - Southwestern Region 2018-2020
Greater Essex District School Board

Councillor - Toronto Region (Vacant)

Councillor - Northern Region (Vacant)


Alanna King

Super Conference Co-Planner
Orangeville District Secondary School, Upper Grand DSB


Diana Maliszewski

Super Conference Co-Planner
Agnes Macphail Public School, Toronto DSB


OSLA Council members take on responsibilities for major issues or tasks through portfolios, or participate as representatives on OLA committees. OSLA also forms other committees of members, as needed.

Responsibilities are outlined on the 
portfolio descriptions page.