School Libraries Matter Video Contest

The OSLA wants you to tell your story about why school libraries matter.

As school libraries across Canada and the U.S. face closures, there is no better time to spread the word about what exactly goes on in school libraries and just how valuable they are. This is a great project for the Spring until May! Work either alone, with your students and/or staff to plan and film a short video about your school library.

Create a video and enter it in the OSLA’s International School Library Month Video Contest. This video will be used to promote school libraries!  October is International School Library Month and the OSLA wants to showcase the work of Ontario’s school libraries. You and your students could win exciting prizes, not to mention movie fame.

Here are some suggested steps to take:

Decide on an audience: students, parents, teachers, administrators, government, community, etc.
Possible themes (or one you come up with):

1. Is there a typical day in your school library? Show us what it looks like...
2. What 3 things do you love about your school library: a question for students and staff
3. “What makes a library a library?” (credit to Buffy Hamilton who asked the question first).
4. They shut down the school library...
5. Hey Parents, find out what’s happening at your school library
6. Our library is a learning commons for all
7. What I learn in my school library
8. Your choice! Be as creative as you wish!

Contest rules:

  • One winner per division: elementary (K - 6), intermediate (7 - 8), secondary (9 - 12)
  • Video length 1-3 minutes (maximum)
  • Signed media release forms for participants required (these may be covered under your board media release forms)
  • You must upload your video to YouTube or another Internet space that can be accessed, linked to and promoted by the OSLA
  • Submissions must have cleared copyright on any third party content
  • Submission leads must be current OLA members.

The contest is currently closed.

Winners of the 2015 contest can be see below!

OSLA Video Competition Judging  Success Criteria:

complete application information and media release forms received
length: no more than 3 minutes
content is appropriate for all audiences
copyright of any incorporated material (e.g. music, video, graphics) has been respected and credit given, or permissions obtained, as appropriate
production values (technical quality)
audio is clear, of an appropriate volume, and speech is highly intelligible
image is clear, bright and steady
audio or visual effects support and enhance the message, rather than distract the viewer
-explains, promotes or advocates the OSLA’s vision for students, school libraries and teacher-librarians as published in “Together for Learning—School Libraries and the Emergence of the Learning Commons”
-the message is communicated effectively: the narrative is clear and coherent
-the content is fair, accurate and up-to-date
-the video is creative, original or innovative
-the video engages the viewer because it is educational, inspiring or persuasive

Prizes: Winner in each division:

Grand Prize Package
  • 1 free registration for your school in a Forest of Reading® Programs of your choice for 2015
  • 1 full set of books for the Forest program which you choose to participate in ($150 including shipping)

Please note: Prizes cannot be exchanged for monetary value.

OSLA Video Contest Winners 2015

Elementary Winner
Garden Avenue Junior Public School, Toronto DSB 

Intermediate Honourable Mention
Maple Ridge Public School, Durham DSB

Secondary Winner
Senator O'Connor College School, Toronto Catholic DSB