Developing the Individual in the Learning Commons

Quality education includes the education of the heart as well as the head; it includes a focus on the whole person – the cognitive, affective and behavioural domains of learning. It means preparing students to be concerned citizens who have empathy and respect for people within their increasingly divers communities. It means providing opportunities for students to understand deeply the importance of civic engagement and what it means to be a global citizen in an increasingly interdependent global community. An approach to teaching that is infused with character development is education at its best.

Avis Glaze, as quoted in Together for Learning, p. 29 (OSLA 2010)

Explore ideas for Developing the Individual in the Learning Commons in pages 29 to 33 in the print version of Together for Learning, or on the corresponding page of this website: T4L Vision Document - Developing the Individual

Ideas   Examples & Resources
  • Provide links on the library Virtual Learning Commons to Ministry documents and your district initiatives to support character education.
  Ottawa Carleton DSB: A Community of Character

Ministry of Education: Character Development in Ontario Schools
  • Make displays and celebrations inclusive by observing special dates celebrated in your school community.
  Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB Equity & Diversity Calendar 2011-12 (PDF)
  • Display Character Development posters and connect often to positive student behaviours and character traits found in a story.
  • Develop and post lists of picture books and novels for teachers that support each trait in Character Development. Create book displays around these themes as well. 
  • Invite student book recommendations by surveying student interests.
  • Lead a PLC in your school to develop a school wide program to teach Digital Citizenship.
  • Teach students, teachers and parents about their digital footprint.
  TALCO Digital Citizenship: Digital Footprint
  • Lead a book study of Carol Dweck's book, Mindset to discuss strategies to best help students to develop a growth mindset.
  Mindset Online
  • Connect students to programs that build Global Citizenship.
  OSLA: Be the Change
Free the Children
Me to We
  • Weave Financial Literacy into appropriate units of instruction.
  Edugains Financial Literacy Resources
  • Host poetry readings and musical recitals in the Learning Commons during lunch periods.
  • Create a flexible drama 'corner' so students can quickly set up a space where they can create and perform skits, plays, puppet shows, etc..
  • Build Maker Spaces in the Learning Commons physical spaces and Sandbox spaces on the school library VLC to nurture digital creativity and innovation.
  • Provide opportunities for individual students to develop and practice responsibility and learn new skills by establishing a library volunteer group and "tech team".

  Use Leading Learning standard, Facilitating Collaborative Engagement to Cultivate and Empower a Community of Learners (p. 11) to frame approaches.
  Use Leading Learning standard, Cultivating Effective Instructional Design to Co-Plan, Teach and Assess Learning (p. 15) to plan differentiation strategies.