Supporting You

All members of the educational community, at the school, in the community and beyond, have a stake in the Learning Commons. This section of the website starts with who you are, suggests entry points into the Together for Learning vision and ideas for implementation.

  Supporting Principals

Supporting Learning Partnerships

  Supporting Teacher-Librarians

Supporting All Teachers

   Supporting Students

Supporting Home and Community

     Supporting District and Provincial Leaders  

Connect to further support as you implement Together for Learning.

Ontario School Library Association
Together for Learning is a project of the Ontario School Library Association (OSLA). OSLA is a division of the Ontario Library Association and an Ontario subject association, recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Joining OSLA connects you with an extended professional learning network focused on school library practice, and provides access to extended resources. 

Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada
Leading Learning (2014) presents a model for the development and implementation of the school library as a learning commons. It provides educators with a common set of standards of practice for moving forward. Leading Learning is focused learning, and provides an extremely effective framework for implementing ideas from Together for Learning, assessing the school's progress, and mapping out a practical strategic plan for moving forward.

The Association of Library Consultants and Coordinators of Ontario
TALCO is a recognized Ontario subject association made up of library instructional leaders from Ontario's publicly-funded school districts. TALCO and its members provide leadership and resources for school library success in their districts and contribute to the extended work done by OSLA. TALCO's Digital Citizenship Project provides an idea bank for teachers to use an inquiry and critical thinking approach for developing competent and confident digital citizens. 

The OLA Store
The Ontario Library Association Store provides extensive published resources for library practitioners. Resources for purchase published by OSLA to support Together for Learning are also available at the OLA Store.