Who should be involved in creating and sustaining the Learning Commons?

The school library, a key component of a Learning Commons, has an integral and transformative role to play in implementing this fresh and innovative vision for education.

Every member of a school's population will ultimately participate in the creation of a Learning Commons, but the concept's early coordination and leadership will rest with school library expertise.

Together for Learning p. 3 (OSLA 2010)
  With the help of the entire staff, start by studying how the Learning Commons would work best. Establish a timeline for its development, then list the school's real and potential learning spaces. Determine the gaps in how virtual and physical resources are accessed. Study the partnerships that have characterized the school's recent learning activities for how they can be expanded. And finally, evaluate the technology that is available for its potential use.

Together for Learning p. 41 (OSLA 2010) 

Explore the T4L vision for the Learning Commons, including practical ideas for implementation on pages 6-13 of the print document, or on the corresponding page in this website: The Emergence of the Learning Commons. Explore the T4L vision for Transition and Change on pages 34-39 of the print document, or on the corresponding page in this website: Transition and Change.

Ideas for Building the Learning Commons Team

Ideas   Examples & Resources
  • Explore the links to Learning Commons articles and showcase videos in this T4L website to build some background about the principles and elements of a Learning Commons approach for your school.
  T4L Showcase
  • Establish a team of interested staff, students and parents to plan proposals and develop and action plan.
  • Set up a Professional Learning Community in your school or district and study resources from T4L.
  • Establish a PLC to study program elements in the Learning Commons.
  Information to Knowledge Journeys PLC 
  • Utilize an archiving tool like ScoopIt to gather current articles about Learning Commons initiatives.
  School Library Learning Commons 
  • Review the existing library and lab facilities and programs in your school and assess for effectiveness using criteria developed by the team, or use an existing tool.
  Before and After Planning Chart for Learning Commons Infrastructure
  • Develop a short and long term action plan.
  • Prepare a cost analysis and write a proposal for funding.
  • Document your progress by taking photos and video footage before, during and after transitions.
  The Learning Commons: Beginning the Journey
  • Consolidate and share your overall vision for the Learning Commons.
  Leading the Way.pdf

  Use the Leading Learning standard, Moving Forward (p. 21) to formulate a plan for growth that supports the learning community in your school.