Policies 2.0: Rules for the Social Web
One-hour webinar - $45 for members/$55 for non-members
Continuing Education Certificate credits: 1

In the fast-changing online world of social networking, where an embarrassing photo can travel the globe in seconds, online predators are the topic of nightly news programs, and young adults travel as avatars to virtual worlds where anything can happen, what policies do schools and libraries need to set and how do they set them? And more importantly, what skills must schools and libraries help students master to be good digital citizens?

Key outcomes:
•      Gain an understanding of the three major areas of safe and appropriate use online and how they apply to libraries
•      Gain and understanding of how social networking has impacted the skills needed by young library patrons to become good digital citizens
•      Give libraries tools to help examine Internet related policies currently in place and those that may be necessary in the future
•      Provide a list of practical resources, including ethical use scenarios, for ongoing discussion

Doug Johnson is the Director of Technology for the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage (MN) Public Schools. His teaching experience has included work in Grades K-12. He is the author of nine books, columns in Educational Leadership and Library Media Connection, the Blue Skunk Blog, and articles published in over forty books and periodicals. Doug has worked with over 200 organizations around the world and has
held leadership positions in state and national organizations, including ISTE and AASL. 

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