A Survival Guide To Presentations

A Survival Guide To Presentations

About This Session:

Comfort with giving presentations is a transferrable life skill. It makes all sorts of things easier – training staff, explaining your budget to management, being interviewed for a job, proposing to your loved one, toasting the retiree, or writing a conference session proposal.
Whatever the topic, whenever the occasion, whoever the audience, wherever the venue, however long, and why, there are enduring guidelines for delivering a successful presentation. Know the audience, select your material with that audience in mind, plan the end and the beginning, use tools to accommodate different learning styles, practice then relax, then have a conversation with your audience.
Part advice, part motivation, this webinar will encourage everyone to become a good communicator – you have the requisite qualities: humour, energy, sincerity and friendliness.

Learning Goals:

-How to organize your material for a specific audience

-How to use words and a/v tools for impact and accommodating various learning styles

-Tips on practicing, relaxing, and enjoying your role as presenter.

About the Presenter:

Maggie Weaver, self-employed library professional in Toronto, has given numerous workshops, conference sessions and ad hoc speeches, and still manages to make a different mistake in each new presentation.

Members: 45.00
Non Members: 55.00
2/14/2019 1:30 PM - 2/14/2019 2:30 PM

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