Going Fine Free for All Children and Teens

Going Fine Free for All Children and Teens
In the interests of improving equity and access, many public libraries are considering a “fine free” approach for kids, usually by removing fines from materials. This library went a step further in advocating for children and youth by instituting a fine free policy for all minors. Initiating the topic may be daunting, but don’t be afraid to turn this dream into a reality; the results are sure to surprise you! 

You will learn: 

1) An understanding of library fines as a concept and how they function as a barrier; 
2) A procedural/policy-based method for improving equity and inclusion; and
3) Practical advice on how to go Fine Free.

About the presenters: 

Douglas Davey and Clare Hanman are Managers at the Halton Hills Public Library, in "Children's and Youth Services" and "Collections and Technology" respectfully.

Resources: a board report that passed the policy. 

Cost: Member $45 / Non-Member: $55 

All times listed in Eastern time. 
4/6/2020 2:00 PM - 4/6/2020 3:00 PM

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