ONLibChat: Adaptive Re-use of Space: TPL & Pop-Up Food Banks

ONLibChat: Adaptive Re-use of Space: TPL & Pop-Up Food Banks

Date & Time:

Tuesday June 2nd, from 2-3pm EST


Toronto Public Library was asked by the City of Toronto if they could provide any assistance to food banks across the city, as they struggled to keep service going for Citizens in Toronto when a third of the food bank had to shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions.

TPL staff will talk about how the service came together and the learning that resulted, show some pictures and run an informal Q and A about any questions related to the experience.


Susan Martin, Manager, Capital Project Planning and Implementation TPL

Gail MacFayden – Area Manager, Bloor, Brentwood Richview Area, Branch Operations and Customer Experience Division

Leesa Tossios – Area Manager, Northern District, Yorkville Area, Branch Operations and Customer Experience, Division

Wayne Aitcheson, Facilities Operations Manager North East / Acting Manager Contract Administration

Roman Svab, Manager Distribution Services

How to Join:

This meeting will take place over Amazon Chime - a platform that OLA is new to, so this will be an experiment! You do not need an Amazon account to join this meeting. The room can fit up to 250 attendees. 

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Canada Toll-Free (1): +1 844-843-8537
Meeting ID: 7384 58 2378
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6/2/2020 - 6/2/2020

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