Steering Committees



The Forest of Reading has eight individual steering committees that are tasked with responsibilities once the nominated lists have been confirmed. They are the ambassadors of the Forest and they work closely with the nominated authors, illustrators, and publishers. In most cases, they are also practitioners running the programs.

Committee - Terms of Reference
  • Contacting the nominated authors/illustrators/publishers to ensure they are aware of their nomination and their responsibilities as nominated authors/illustrators;
  • Remaining as a contact for the nominees until the end of the program;
  • Collecting all required nominee information needed for the official website and the virtual launch;
  • Creating and collecting exciting and fun program ideas that are appropriate for each category (each book must have a minimum of 3);
  • Assisting with the organizing the Festival of Trees™ ceremony for the individual program (for school-aged programs only);
  • Participating in Festival of Trees in order to facilitate operations of the day (for school-aged programs only); and
  • Being available via email to your committee and attend 1-2 teleconferences


This committee is responsible for designing and determining all content for the programs to run. They populate the online presence with content provided by the publishers and authors, or by creating original content. These members are the liaisons for the program and ensure all nominees are abreast of all things relating to the Forest of Reading and the Festival of Trees.


The Steering Committee varies from program to program, however the general guidelines are as follows:

All members must be current OLA members.
  • Two chairs, one senior, one junior, to ensure continuity (Chairs are appointed by Forest Director with consultation from outgoing Chairs)
  • A core group of 5 to 10 members
  • Those in the core group are expected to make a firm commitment to be fully participating members of the committee
  • Full participation involves regular communication with the Chairs of the program, the nominees and OLA
  • All members agree to delivering content for the website from the Publishers, Authors/Illustrators and also creating original content if needed

Resources and budget:

Teleconference requirements only. Everything for this committee is managed entirely by email.


The timeline for the school aged programs varies from the adult programs. Below is the schedule:
  • School-aged programs – September to May
  • Golden Oak Program – September to June
  • Evergreen Program  – January to October



Co-Chairs of the Forest of Reading®
Angela Thompson, Kawartha Pine-Ridge District School Board
Ruth Gretsinger, District School Board of Niagara

Blue Spruce Award™

To be updated September 2017

Silver Birch Award®

To be updated September 2017

Red Maple Award™

To be updated September 2017

White Pine Award™

To be updated September 2017

Evergreen Award™

To be updated September 2017

Golden Oak Award™

To be updated September 2017

Le Prix Tamarac

To be updated September 2017

To be updated September 2017

Le Prix Peuplier

To be updated September 2017