Highlighted session numbers indicate there are handouts available. Speakers will be submitting materials both prior to the conference and following the conference. Please check back frequently.

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Session #    Title   

P001    Cataloguing with RDA
P003    Trustee Boot Camp
P004    Librarians:  Are You Ready for Quality Assurance
P005    Fundraising Day @ OLA Handout1 / Handout2 / Handout3
P008    Cataloguing Non-Book Materials with RDA
P009    Creating and Modifying RDA Authority Records
P010    Drupal for Libraries
P011    Job Seekers in the Library
P012    Cool Tech Tools for Libraries and Librarians
P013    Mini-Marketing:  Lessons from Small Libraries Handout1 / Handout2
100      The Art of Networking


300    OPLA Spotlight:  In Conversation with Louise Penny
301    Forest of Reading® Winners Showcase
302    Working Relationships Part I
303    Cultivating Champions in the Municipal Environment
304    Learn to Lean in your Library
305    Unlocking the Digital Closet:  Internet Filters and LGBTTIQ Information
306    Tell Me a Story:  Narrative in University-Level Instruction handout
307    Open Access/ibility
308    Creative Commons and Beyond
309    Using Graphic Novels with Confidence
310    Job Interview Presentations - Making an Impact
311    Thrifty Ways to Transform into a Learning Commons
312    No Student Turned Away: Transform Service with Decision-Making Thought
313    Cheaper or Faster:  Who Benefits when Cities Manage IT Services
314    Party Time!  First Nation Communitis Read Celebrates 10 Years
315    Kids Lit Quiz!
316    Grit Lit:  YA Fiction that Pushes the Boundaries
317    The Dawn of a Skills Continuum handout1 / handout2 / handout3 / handout4 / handout5
318    Visible Minority Librarians of Canada Roundtable
319    21st Century Inquiry Camp
320    Finding Your Voice with Story Bird
321    Discover Your History, Build Your Community
322    Responsive Design for Mobile Web
323    Curriculum Mapping:  Putting Information Literacy on the Map
324    Evaluation of Discovery Layer Satisfaction at Ryerson
325    Get Published!  Straight Talk from The Editors at Partnership
326    Guess Who's Coming to Visit?
327    AskON:  On the Move
328    RDA Implementation: Best Practices and Caveats
329    Vendors and Managers - Working Together
330    Production Mode:  The Renewed Service Model in Action @ LAC


400    Spotlight:  Alison Head
401    PreSchool Early Literacy Programs in Ontario
402    Working Relationships Part II
403    Archives in Your Library
404    Selecting Your CEO
405    70 Plus:  Older Seniors Love the Library Too! Handout1 / Handout2
406    Livres en Action: Animation du Livre à Tout Âge
407    E-Books and Children - Where We Are Headed?
408    Mobile My Health Library Handout1 / Handout2
409    Adult Programs for Any Size Community
410    Build! Measure! Learn! Strategic Engagement at the Local Level
411    Establishing a Pan-Canadian Public Library Data Collection
412    Local History in the Library:  Past, Present and Future
413    So You Have Lost Your Job, Now What?
414    Libraries and Youth:  Working Together for Social Justice
415    Book Trailers:  Coming Soon to an iPad Near You
416    Beyond the Page - Engaging Young Readers
417    "Re-Visioning" Modern Libraries: TPL and TDSB Engaging Teens Together Handout1 / Handout2
418    Two Way Approach to Electronic Reading:  E-Books and E-Readers
419    Inquiry and Literacy - Using Living Things as Inspiration Handout1 / Handout2 / Handout3 / Handout4 / Handout5 / Handout6 / Handout7
420    Engaging Tech-Savvy Kids in Literacy
421    Web 2.0 Tools for Schools
422    Listen to Your Library: Accessibility Clinic
423    Library User Conversations:  Newcomers and Public Libraries
424    Home Grown Tech:  Start It Up! Handout1 / Handout2 / Handout3 / Handout4
426    Now and Forever - Digital Preservation in Canada
427    Evolution of the Revolution:  Customer Service at MPL
428    Promoting the Forest in Your Public Library Handout1 / Handout2 / Handout3 / Handout4 / Handout5
429    Fulfilling it Requirement on a Limited Budget
430    Survive and Thrive in the First Five

600    SERIES WORKSHOPS Handout1 / Handout2 / Handout3 / Handout4 / Handout5   
600    Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Update
601    Engaging Students in Learning Conversations to Promote Thinking
602    Lightning Strikes - Students in the Spotlight
603    Cool Technologies and Your Library's PR Plan
604    What Do Patrons Ask When They Know Nobody's Listening
605    The University of Guelph-Humber Celebrates 10 Years
606    Library, Archives, Museum Collaborations
607    Confessions of a Social Media Librarian
608    Redefining Urban Librarianship: Core Competencies for Newer Professionals
610    Est-ce que mon iPad et moi Pouvons vous Aider?
611    Mentoring the 21st Century Information Professional
612    Tech Tips for Small Libraries Handout1 / Handout2
613    Library Space and the Ultimate Experience
614    A Hospital Librarian is a Hospital Librarian and then some
615    Increasing Volunteer Involvement Handout1 / Handout2
616    Pre-Populated E-Reader Lending Program
617    Untold Stories: Allies in the War of 1812
618    You Can't Read That!
619    The Best of Web 2.0
620    Branch-Tastic! (video1) (video2) (video3)
621    Library Infection: Students Turning Students Onto Reading
622    Speed Dating to Engage Digital Natives
623    Ramp Up Your Library's Online Presence
624    Thinking Critically with Blue Spruce
625    Computer Buddies 101
626    Helping Homeschoolers in the Library
627    Georgian Bay Reads:  Words at War!
628    Out with the Desk:  Changing the Paradigm
629    Empowering the Academic Library with Numbers
630    Spinach in the Brownies:  Storytimes that Support Early Literacy    Handout1 / Handout2
631    Council Appointees: Advocates vs Adversaries


1000    OSLA Spotlight:  Michael Stephens
1001    7 Steps to Take When a Reporter Calls
1002    Books to Go - Facilitating the Impulse Borrower
1003    New Building, New Neighbours, New Opportunities
1004    Sering Public Library Users with Learning Disabilities
1005    Public Library Board Leadership: A Question of Balance
1006    The Creative Library
1007    Integrated Public Service Models:  Challenges & Opportunities
1008    One-Stop Course Readings:  A Breakthrough in Campus Collaboration Handout1 / Handout2
1009    Web-Scale Discovery - Beyond the Technical
1010    Instructor TBA:  Marketing Your Library to Sessional Faculty Handout / Handout1 / Handout2
1011    "It's Up to Us" - Canada's Cultural Crisis & Solutions for Digital Stewardship
1012    Performance Reviews and the Chief Staff Office
1013    Moved to #1231
1014    OLA Best Bets 2012:  Canadian Fiction for Children and Teens
1015    Leadership:  1, 2, 3:  Me, You and We
1016    Creating a Positive Feedback Framework
1017    RDA: The Ultimate Cataloguing Experience
1018    Public Library CEO Panel on What is Keeping Them Up at Night
1019    Libraries and Community Engagement
1020    New to Newcomers!  Ideas and Solutions
1021    Tech Times in Youth Services
1022    Library Service to LGBT Community
1023    The Where of Your What:  Geo-Locating Digital Content
1024    Hardward Hacking for Fun and Profit!
1025    Just Because You Can - Tech Fads in Libraries
1026    Impact Metrics in Flux:  What Do We Tell Them Now?
1027    West Wing Meets 24 Sussex
1028    Copyright Literacy:  Collaborating for Province-Wide Delivery of Training
1029    Pay It Forward:  How Junior Librarians Can Mentor
1030    Create the Optimal Learning Environment
1031    Seven - The Series


1200    OLA Spotlight:  The Forest of Reading® 2012 Evergreen Winner
1201    Child & Youth Expo 2013
1202    Gearing Up:  Integrating Information Literacy into a Technology Plan Handout1 / Handout2
1203    How to Make School Libraries Work (Even) Better
1204    21st Century Library Planning: One Hospital's Story Handout1 / Handout2
1206    The Cost of Knowledge
1207    A Changing Landscape in Collection Development
1208    Mobile Device Loans at the Library
1209    Observations on Year One:  OCULA New Librarian Residents
1210    E-Books: Library Perspectives
1211    The Role of the Chair: Leadership with Accountability
1212    Initiatives to Engage Parents and Revitalize Your Library
1213    Teaching from the Books of Life
1214    DDC 23 in the 21st Century
1215    Keeping Library Funding Stable in Troubled Times
1216    Music and Pop Culture in the Public Library Handout1 / Handout2
1217    Nobody Said this was Going to Be Easy.  E-Books/E-Content and Public Libraries
1218    Reaching out to Chief, Council and Community
1219    Being Fair:  Using CanLit to embed Social Justice Handout1 / Handout2
1220    Collaborative Knowledge Building Using Google Sites
1221    Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and the Library Learning Commons
1222    Free Voluntary Reading Helps Everyone
1223    A New Paradigm:  Leadership for Engagement and Empowerment Handout1 / Handout2
1224    The Inclusive Library: Empowering Users with Accessible Tutorials Handout1 / Handout2
1225    Interlibrary Loan Cost Study
1226    Connecting Customers to Digital Media
1227    Reinvesting in the Carnegie Legacy
1228    Check Out a Skill at the Library Handout1 / Handout2
1229    Say "Cheeeeese!" Visual Ethnographic Methods to Understanding Users
1230    OLA Advocacy Projects, Plans and Progress
1231    Plaisir de Lire:  Un Univers à Partager

1300    OLBA Spotlight:  Gail Hulnick
1301    What We Talk About When We Teach About Archives
1302    Nice or Menschen?  Evolving Male Librarian Imagery
1303    Mapping Your Way to Second Language Teaching and Learning
1304    Understanding Learning Disabilities
1305    Library Linked Data and the Future of Bibliographic Control
1306    Towards a Culture of Usability
1307    If I Knew Then What I Know Now
1308    Digital Citizenship Bootcamp
1309    Designing for Success:  Supporting Academic Integrity through E-Learning
1310    21st Century Learning for Early Years Students
1311    The Nuts & Bolts of Serving Teens
1312    Partnering to Provide Health Information to Older Adults
1313    Tech Savvy?  Using Technology to Reach Our Patrons!
1314    Coping With Copyright
1315    Urban First Nations and London Public Library
1316    Beyond Google:  A Collaborative Approach to research
1317    Good Reads, 49th Shelf, Top Grade:  (Re)Discovering Canadian Authors
1318    Tech Liaison Team:  Boost Staff Technical Comfort and Capabilities
1319    Edmodo:  Building Communities of Inquiry and Collaboration
1320    Together for Learning, Together we Can
1321    Play With TNT & Minecraft Inquiry
1322    Book Clubs, Schmook Clubs
1323    TD Summer Reading Consultation
1324    Giving Kids the Power of the Pen
1325    Library Outreach: Best Practices
1326    Wikipedia Experiment:  Libraries as Support Centres for User Generated Content
1327    État des Lieux du Livre Numérique dans les Bibliothèques Publiques en Ontario
1328    Empowering Home Learners in Your Community
1329    Romantic not Raunchy
1330    Deconstructing the Movie Machine - 15th Year


1700    One-Size-Fits-One Digital Inclusion
1701-1801    Focus on Careers
1702-1802    Foire Franco-Ontarienne Table Ronde / Roundtable
1703/1803    User Experience Boot Camp
1704-1804    Research Matters - Librarians' Perspectives on Research
1705/1805    Together for Learning (T4L Launch & Showcase)
1706    Aboriginal Awareness Circle:  Edition 2.0
1707    Libraries Should Emulate Apple Stores
1800    Boosting Your Brain:  The Restorative Benefits of Interacting with Nature
1806    Copyright Update
1807    After the Book: Repositioning the Public Library in the 21st Century
1808    Canada's National Reading Campaign: What Did You Read Today?